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Why the fuck am I awake?

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Anonymous: You were making out with your sister in your moms room?! You brits are freaky.

What the actual fuck…. Who said we were making out.

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Anonymous: Oh. Ok. So you sleep together?

No. We were in my mums room.

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Anonymous: The girl in thew pic from today, the friend you had a moment with. Is she a friend with benefits?

That’s my sister….

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Anonymous: you look like you're really really good at sucking dick. like every guy youve had in your mouth has asked you to marry them skills.


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Anonymous: You are Sackadingdongs. This is a good thing

Thank you….

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Anonymous: *cuddle*


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Anonymous: Friends with benefits?

Depends on the friend

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xitsblakex: Do you have a kik😚💕


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girlsincuteunderwear: you're breathtaking! check out my blog sometime?

Thank you!

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Anonymous: Only if you move the towells :)


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pfcrogers: Your amazing

Thank you :)

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Anonymous: The gods demand more selfies of your perfection.

I’m sorry I’ll have to deify the gods for now

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